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Startup adventures: Kale

A few weeks back I was reflecting on past experiences and decided to write them down. I wanted to start at the beginning of my journeys, but instead I’ll start ‘in the now’, with an...

Front-end development walkthrough

Design and development processes are inherently difficult to teach: they’re made up of so many tiny pieces, that the only way to get a firm grasp of what’s going on is to experience it...

Effective habit formation with Lift and Tiny Habits

Behavior change is easier than you think. Following Professor BJ Fogg’s “Tiny Habits” tactic, pick a behavior that you want to change and anchor it with a behavior you currently perform. After I {your anchor...

Product misdirection

You have a vision; build towards that vision. When things get dirty (as they inevitably will), you may hack a way to get it to work. Before you know it, you’re lost, confused, and lack...

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Enchant is our interactive design studio.

Brittany Mederos

Brittany is a lead interaction designer at Elementum SCM, building their flagship application: Transport. She specializes in user research, usability, & interaction design.

Paul Mederos

Paul leads product design at Power Supply. He specializes in behavior design (making and breaking habits), product management, interface design, & prototyping.

We make thoughtful digital products.

As designers, we're responsible for what we bring into the world. Those things should be thoughtful.

We're hired to think through problems. We ask why. We iteratively discover the product. We talk to users. Strategy matters to us. Oh, and the beautiful interfaces? They’re by-products of doing good work.

When we’re not building products, we’re teaching others to do the same, by hosting community events to inspire others, or mentoring the next generation of designers.